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Policies and Guidance

All of our policies are thorough and robust and reviewed annually, in line with latest guidance, to ensure they are fit for purpose in our developing company. Staff are regularly trained so we are confident they have the knowledge, understanding and skills to put our policies into practice consistently.

Absconding Policy 18-19
Accessibility Plan 18-19
Anti-Bullying Policy 18-19
Assessment for Learning Policy 18-19
Attendance Policy 18-19
Behaviour Policy 18-19
Body Fluid Spillage Policy 18-19
Capability Procedures Policy 18-19
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 18-19
Children in Care Policy 18-19
Code of Conduct 18-19
Complaints Form Appendix A 18-19
Complaints Policy 18-19
Confidentiality Policy 18-19
Critical Incident Policy 18-19
Data Protection Policy 18-19
Device, Google Drive and BYOD Policy 18-19
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Policy 18-19
Equality and Diversity Policy 18-19
E-safety Policy 18-19
Exclusions Policy 18-19
First Aid Policy 18-19
Health and Safety and Risk Management Policy and Procedures 18-19
ICT Acceptable Use Policy 18-19
Literacy Policy 18-19
Lone Working Policy 18-19
Marking Policy 18-19
Positive Handling Policy 18-19
Premises Management Policy 18-19
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 18-19
PSHE Guidance Policy 18-19
Recruitment and Selection Policy 18-19
SEND & Inclusion Policy 18-19
Sex and Relationships Education 18-19
Social Media Policy 18-19
Staff Wellbeing Policy 18-19
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 18-19
Trips and Visits Policy 18-19
Whistleblowing Policy 18-19

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How do I contact Education 1st?

Telephone or text 07341 564377 or e mail admin@education-1st.org.uk.

Will my child get homework?

There may be requests from time to time for your child to complete homework. Please do everything you can to support this and also encourage your child to read on a regular basis (magazines, books, newspapers, on -line resources…anything!).

What are the times of the provision day?

Our academic day operates sessions between 8.45am-2.30pm. Please allow a window for collection – am collection can be between 8.45am-9.30am and a fifteen minute window for afternoon collections and returns. This is due to varying traffic conditions.
Extra mentoring sessions outside of these hours can be provided on agreement.

Who do I call to report absence?

Call our office line on 07341 564377.

Do I need to provide lunch for my child?

No, your child does not need money. Lunch is provided, if you would prefer to provide a packed lunch this is acceptable.

Does my child need to wear uniform?

No, but they must be dressed appropriately for a professional learning environment.

What is the time-scale for provision to get started?

We will process referrals in a timely manner dependent on current placements, availability and waiting lists. However, the placement cannot begin until all referral documentation has been received and the admissions process is fully completed.

How will the commissioning body be informed about attendance data?

The commissioning body will be provided with log in details for our attendance system thereby accessing live data.

Who holds the responsibility for the student once they are placed at Education 1st?

The commissioning body holds ultimate responsibility. Education 1st wilfully support and safeguard all students in line with our policies.

Does Education 1st provide science education?

Currently Education 1st does not provide discrete science lessons but science based topics are covered through Project Based Learning.

Which KS4 English and Maths specifications does Eductaion 1st work with?

Education 1st works with the specification identified by the commissioning body. Details must be provided at referral.

How often does Education 1st meet with the commissioning body?

We expect termly reviews to be organised by the commissioning body. The review will be student centred and can take a multi- agency approach.

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